29 April: Departing for Beijing

It was an early flight... It's a normal weekday morning... but the holding area (i.e. the Gate) was already packed with people - Huh... so many people departing for Beijing over the long weekend? 

The flight journey was about 5.5. hours.
Did not watch any movie as I was trying to catch up with the Zzzz... monster with my sleep mask. Well, eyes closed... but the mind was revisiting the presentation plan... to deliver a 'standard' fact-to-fact presentation, or to tell a story... Hm.... the decision was made, about an hour before I landed.

The Evening before the Event

Just like the previous event, I received a unique door gift (a hand-made wind instrument) - but more importantly, a personalised letter crafted by the ambassador who was assigned to host me over the next three days. Indeed, I'm very impressed by him - natural and mature, meticulous and thoughtful :) He was like someone whom I knew for years. Thanks to OCY for the arrangement!

That evening... this was my dinner...  something simple and healthy - claypot cabbage with organic beancurd (ok, the serving is enough for 3-4 people).

Objective 1: Keynote address

My primary mission was to give a Keynote address on Digital Citizenship Programme, which is one of our signature dishes. It is about our concept and thinking behind the programme, as well as our approach. As mentioned to the iSummit participants, it is not the effort of just the ICT department. Indeed, it evolved around Character Development, and that was why the two departments (ICT and Student Development) worked very closely when it came to conceptualisation, planning and implementation.

Click HERE to access the materials (in a website)

The speech was delivered in English (which was far less stressful). Indeed, I was pretty proud of how well I had pieced and connected the ideas. The highlight was definitely the 'showing-off' of our "products" - the reflection by the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors - that they articulated their passion and purpose of advocacy.

Nevertheless, it was also the first time I got involved in the forum discussion which I realised I was not quite prepared to take questions in an unfamiliar environment, especially when I was on the stage with two other very experienced, heavy-weighted and well-respected guest speakers. This was even more stressful than conducting the workshop in mandarin. Anyway, it was a hard to come-by experience. 

Had a great time with Ching Ya and Zhengguo to prepare for the presentation the next morning.
Thanks for all the support rendered!

Objective 2: Cyber Wellness Workshop for XSS staff

The objective the workshop was primarily to heighten the staff's awareness on the dangers of the cyber space.

3 May: Departing Beijing

A rare sight of the "busy" Beijing city on a Tuesday morning - so quiet! 
Though the flight scheduled to leave at 9 am, I was advised to leave by 5 am - to avoid the anticipated congestion.

Breakfast before departing...

Here's the plane that took me home... which was only about one-third filled

Round 2 Breakfast... which was similar to what I had when I departed for Beijing - Dim Sum (pretty nice)